Tips for Organizing Your Coupons Like a Pro

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Tips for Organizing Your Coupons Like a Pro

Organization is crucial for all couponers. Whether you’re new to the world of couponing or a seasoned expert, you must have a system in place to know where your coupons are. Picture getting to the register and having to keep everyone waiting as you search through your stack of deals. It’s such an avoidable problem, and here are some ideas to keep you on the right track.

1. Invest in an Organizer

This may be obvious for some, but newbies will probably be surprised to learn that this is very important. It’s satisfying to have a container to hold your collection. Pick out one in your favorite color. Buy an organizer that will last. Trust me, this is an excellent investment.

You can find a wide variety of receipt sorters or letter sorters at any store. Many of the options out there will have tabs for labeling as well. This will come in handy, as you’ll learn later on in the article.

If you don’t mind having a larger organizer, you can also use a simple 3-ring binder. For sorting, pick up some trading card protectors, photo album-type protectors, or actual coupon sheet protectors yes, they really do exist!

2. Sort by Expiration Date

It’s so easy to accidentally let your coupons expire. Don’t let that hard work you put into cutting and planning go wasted. By sorting your coupons by the expiration date, starting with the closest date, you’ll know which need to be used first.

When you go to plan out meals and a grocery list, you can easily see which items you should pick up now before you miss out on those precious savings.

3. Categorize By Product Type

Along with sorting by expiration date, sorting coupons by product type is going to help tremendously. There can be categories and sub-categories as well for an even simpler solution.

The categories you can use include:


Save yourself even more time with food subcategories. Common stores will be sorted by dairy, meat, baked goods, produce, pantry/non-perishables, frozen foods, and beverages.

•Household Items and supplies

This includes cleaning products, hand soap, dishwasher detergent, toilet paper, and laundry detergent.


Any items for the medicine cabinet fit in this area.


Items such as body wash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, dental/oral care, or shaving supplies can be included in this section.

•Pet Supplies

Whatever furry, feathery, scaly family member in your life, keep coupons for their supplies and food in this section.

•Retailer or Miscellaneous Coupons

You may get a coupon or two for a clothing store, an oil change shop, you name it. There are countless items that can fit into this category, so this is where you can customize the categories based on your lifestyle and where you often shop at.

You may even choose to categorize by store, discount amount, or whichever works best for you. We all organize differently and use our own planning process.

It’s so easy to get all those coupons in order. Take the time to organize now and you’ll have more time for catching bargains in the future.…